WordPress Complete Services - Development and Maintenance

Our team helps you maintain your WordPress website!

WordPress Complete Services – Speed. Security. Monitoring.

Issues with speed and security?
Continuous need for updates?
Tools that don’t work as they should?
Programmers that are always too busy to provide assistance?

WordPress Services

Services that we provide if you work with us

Small site modifications

24/7 site monitoring

Hosting services

Premium security tool included in the price (valued at $80/year)

Premium tool for load speed included in the price (valued at $39.99/year)

External backup and constant updates to WordPress and various plugins

Increased security with tested solutions

WordPress is an extremely efficient and popular platform used for website construction, and because of its popularity, it is an easy target for hackers. Unverified and untested plug-ins are often the cause of hack attacks. We combat these issues by using well-tested solutions.
We don’t only focus on momentary security, we ensure website safety on the long-run.

Wordpress Security
Wordpress Imorovments & Modifications

Fast improvements and modifications

Do you have a website that works well but could use a few improvements? We can help you out with a few quick fixes!

If you’re working on a new marketing campaign and you need a landing page, leave it to us! Give us the content and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ideal website load time

These days, a website that loads for more than 10 seconds is an inconvenience and if you don’t want to lose any clients because of the decreased loading time, we can help you optimize your speed. 

We scan all the pages in order to find the best solutions for your website. Once this process is ready, we will make sure that your site will be up and running shortly and through frequent monitoring we ensure it loads well in the long run.

Wordpress Load time
Wordpress Plugin Customization

New functions with premium plug-ins

Want to add a new function to your WordPress site, but you can’t find a plug-in that matches your requirements? Perhaps the plug-in you’ve found is too expensive or too complex. We can help you out! Our experts will develop a plug-in tailored to your specific needs, or can modify an existing plug-in to better match your needs. We will showcase the pros and cons, we’ll make you an offer and we’ll let you decide which solution is better for you.

Permanent monitoring

We verify that your site is accessible 24/7 and we intervene if any issues arise.

Wordpress Monitoring
Wordpress Backups

Regular backups

Weekly backups in the cloud so you can relax and so you won’t need to worry about what happens to your website

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What you will miss if you don't sign up to our services:

WordPress Regular updates

Regular updates

We regularly upgrade your WordPress site and the plug-ins you use, so everything will run smoothly.

WordPress Product list update

Updating product list for your online shop

Do you need to update your product list on your webshop? Let us help you out!

WordPress Consultation services

Consultation services regarding any problems with your site

Advising services regarding all website issues

WordPress GDPR

GDPR Cookie consent

We build your site to be GDPR compliant

WordPress New Functionality

New functionality for your site

In need of new functionality on your website? We can help you find and install a plug-in, or we can develop one from scratch and build it to match your exact requirements. We can help you build a landing page if you need one for your marketing campaign.

WordPress Web hosting

Web hosting administration

You can host your site wherever you want and we’ll help you out with it.

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