About us - How it all started. Why WordPress maintenance and support?


WPFitness is celebrating 15 years of existence!

WPFitness 15 years development experience

Why and how did WPFitness come to life?

There’s a huge demand on the market for WordPress website maintenance and support and most companies encounter huge challenges in keeping up with continuous updates. The companies that make WordPress sites usually don’t keep up with proper maintenance. This can lead to security issues, functioning problems and other unpleasantries. Our expertise in this domain enables us to solve these issues with efficient solutions.

How it all started. Why WordPress maintenance and support?

Once upon a time, there was an IT lab at house number 36, which gave home to three youngsters with ideas and initiatives. 

Their ideas stumbled upon opportunities which lead to action and thus, in 2005 the Lab36 company was born. 

The company started its activity based on the principles of outsourcing, contributing to more projects both for the local and the international market. 

Throughout the years they’ve grown slowly but surely, the people and the perceptions changed and in 2019 they took a leap of faith and reprofiled their activity to offering WordPress maintenance and support services. 

We basically brought our expertise and experience into developing complex, enterprise-level web solutions on the market of WordPress sites, which gives us distinction. We don’t just install a few plug-ins to solve an issue, we develop custom solutions from zero to meet client demands. We have experience in WordPress and plug-in development, but we also possess the capacity to understand your business and your professional needs, which is something that places us above any freelancer. With us you can speak your language, you don’t need to use technical terms to make yourself understood. 

Our Vision

“To obtain international success by helping small and mid-sized companies maintain an online presence without any headaches.”

Our Mission

To offer clients our expertise that we’ve gathered since 2005, so they won’t have to deal with any technical details. The only thing our client needs to know about is how to find us. That way, he or she can concentrate on running their own business.  

Our values


we speak the truth, if we mess up we admit it and we don’t promise more than we can do.

Continuous development

we read and study on a daily basis, because that which does not grow, dies.


we have tremendous respect towards our colleagues, clients, people and nature.


communication is essential in any relationship and we want to have a successful one with our clients, colleagues and suppliers. We practice positive communication. 


we act in a timely manner, in accordance with our clients requests.


we are disciplined, we complete all our projects and we offer quality every time. 


we are grateful for everything that life’s given us so far. 

Exceptional support

we understand the situation, we will find the solution as soon as possible, we communicate and we intervene.


we fully comprehend that we’re responsible for our own life and our own success

Team spirit

we help each other out, we put in effort to understand the work that others around us do and we help them out, so they can also offer quality. We understand that the company’s success matters much more than individual success. 

Why choose us?

Exclusive services for WordPress website maintenance and support!

This is all we do – LASER FOCUSED!

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