Affiliates - Become our WordPress maintenance and support partner


Ideal opportunity for web design agencies, online advertising agencies, freelancers and hosting companies. Become our WordPress maintenance and support partner and get rid of maintenance and support work for the WordPress sites that belong to you.

Let’s meet up for a coffee to get to know each other better. We’ll organize a short qualification interview, after which we’ll discuss our long-term collaboration. If you become our partner, here’s what you receive:

10-20% commission for every new client brought in (customer lifetime)
Priority support

How to qualify?
Just bring a minimium of 3 sites.

I want to become affiliate to WPFitness

I want to become an affiliate


    1What can you do to become our WordPress maintenance and support partner?

    Sign up on our page for a short qualification interview. This will take place in a friendly environment, where we can have coffee and get to know each other better.

    2Why work with us?

    Because we offer:
    Priority support for WordPress sites
    Premium plug-ins included in packages;
    Free maintenance for NGOs, so part of our profit is returned to the community;
    Excellent feedback from our clients

    3Will I see the work you do for the clients I bring in?

    Yes, you’ll be able to access all open tickets for the clients you’ve brought in.

    4How will I be paid?

    You’ll see all the invoices issued by customers brought in by you, and when we receive the payment, you will get your share in a matter of 5 days’ time.

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